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Unique Formats For Your CV

For people going into graphic design, there is a huge amount of pressure to come up with something outstanding when it comes to your CV design. After all, employers are going to be looking for someone who can demonstrate their creative flair. If the job you’re interested in is connected to advertising and marketing, it’s pretty much essential that you prove you can advertise yourself effectively before an employer lets you loose on their business. Here are some of the best ideas around to produce an unusual and appealing CV that will stick in your prospective employer’s mind.


You may choose to present your CV as one giant infographic, which creates an instant impact and you can be sure it won’t look like anyone else’s. You can use this format to demonstrate your creative skills with graphic and layout design while presenting your skill level, experience and interests in an interesting and engaging way.


There are many ways of taking this approach, but using a newspaper theme is a great way to get started if you’re looking for an interesting and eye-catching way to present your skills and experience. You can make use of headlines and striking visuals the same way as real newspapers would, which will make your CV instantly impressive with a clear message.


In many ways, a CV is a way of marketing yourself to employers as a product. Some people have taken this idea quite literally and produced CVs which can be printed and made into actual packages, such as a juice carton shape. This 3D effect makes an amazing first impression and provides an instant example of the level of work you’re capable of. You can even include inserts and promotional items inside your packaging if you send it fully assembled.


For a humorous twist on presenting your CV in a formal way, you might want to go slightly over the top with the design of your documents. For example, presenting your resume as a military-style top secret folder or using a fancy royal theme is a great way of looking smart and breaking the ice immediately.



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