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Tips for Producing the Ultimate CV

There are lots of pitfalls with creating CVs, and although you may not be experienced enough at this stage to know what these are, chances are your prospective employers are more than familiar with common mistakes. In fact, there are lots of issues that will get flagged up instantly and could result in the content of your application being ignored entirely. Equally, there are simple tricks that will help you immediately stand out from the crowd. Here are some of the most crucial points to bear in mind.

1) Consider the format

If you’re sending an electronic CV, which is extremely common these days, you need to ensure you make use of an appropriate format. A Word document might not display correctly on someone else’s computer, and it may be impossible for them to open at all. A PDF is the best solution as it will always display in exactly the same way.

2) Use design software

If you want to make a stronger visual impact with your CV, Microsoft Office isn’t the best choice. You’ll need to break free of the basic layouts and formatting options that everyone else is using, so the best way to get your own custom layout made is to use something like Adobe Creative Suite.

3) Do it yourself

If you let a generic recruitment agency get involved with the process, your CV is likely to become bland and lose its individuality. You should always seek out professional advice on the content of your resume, but when it comes to making it visually standing out you will probably have better ideas than a recruitment consultant.

4) Use a portfolio

Don’t rely on your written text to explain your experience and skills, especially when you’re applying for creative positions. Attaching a portfolio along with your CV is very important if you’re claiming to have done any visual design work before, since it provides evidence to back up what you’re saying and allows employers to make a direct comparison of your work and someone else’s.

5) Don’t go crazy

If you include a bit too much personality in your CV design and go overboard with graphics, elaborate fonts or quirky design ideas, you might actually put off a prospective employer. Any creative design you choose to use needs to be expertly executed, otherwise you’re sabotaging yourself. Don’t go too far with any ideas that might come across as obnoxious or might not be to everyone’s taste.



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