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Things Employers Hate To See On CVs

It can be tricky to figure out how to pitch your CV, especially when you’re trying to find a format that will work for several different job applications. There is a certain pressure to stand out from the pack, but at the same time, you want to make your CV seem somewhat familiar so that prospective employers don’t become frustrated trying to read it quickly and compare it with others.

Different recruiters have different objectives, but overall there are a few things that tend to stand out on candidates’ CVs for the wrong reasons. These are all things will want to avoid whenever possible.

Template cover letters

If you don’t tailor your cover letter for every job you apply for, it’s going to be immediately obvious from the moment someone starts reading it. You need to show that you have thoroughly read the job description and candidate specification, and persuade the reader that you are an appropriate person for the role.

Unusual formats

Although some distinctive details and features could help your CV stand out from the crowd, your potential recruiter won’t have time to analyse your unique format and go hunting for the details they need if you get too creative. Work history should always be the priority, and leading with skills can come across as more generic than you think.

Irrelevant details

The first thing someone sees on your resumé should be a previous job with a high degree of relevance to the position you’re applying for now. Your background needs to be strongly related to the job you want, otherwise you will be dismissed as the wrong candidate. You should make sure only the most relevant details of your past positions are listed.

Lack of focus

Sometimes it will be obvious from your CV that you don’t know what you want to do with your career. Flitting between unconnected jobs is not something a recruiter would see as a benefit. You should try to come across like you know what the next step on your personal career ladder will be, but you aren’t in a desperate rush to do that elsewhere.

Meaningless phrases

Many people try to add buzz words as filler content on their CV, but this is a mistake as it’s clear to any experienced employer that you’ve simply run out of facts to provide. A personal statement should not consist of vague adjectives, but rather a summary of what a candidate as achieved in the past and skills they have developed as a direct result.

Key details missing

Before submitted a CV for any role, you need to make sure that you haven’t forgotten to include any vital details. It should be clear within a few seconds what job you are applying for, what you have done in the past and how to contact you.



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