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The Importance of Tailoring your CV to Each Job you Apply For

When you are applying for a job, the most important thing that must present you well is your Curriculum Vitae. It is your CV that will highly determine if you get the specific job you are applying or not. With professional and customized curriculum vitae, chances are high that you will secure the job. One of the greatest mistakes that many people make is to fail to tailor their curriculum Vitae with the specific job they are applying. This makes them fail because the potential employer finds that they might not be focused on the job, the way they should in order to perform excellently. This article provides you with the importance of tailoring your CV to each job you apply for.

tailoring your CV for each job

Enable you have a competitive edge over others

It is good to note that each job posted attracts a lot of applicants leading to stiff competition. When you customize your curriculum vitae according to the specific job you are applying, it will be easier to be differentiated from others. The potential employer will find that you understand the responsibilities you are supposed to play in your new job, thus give you an upper hand over others.

Show clearly that you are qualified for the job

It is only by tailoring your CV according to the job you are applying that you can demonstrate how qualified you are for the job. You will be able to show the academic qualifications, work experience and other aspects that make you a potential candidate for that specific job. It is worth noting that potential employers are not usually interested in the qualifications or experience you have in other jobs that are outside their own industry. So if you fail to customize your CV, you might end up being ignored and fail to be invited for the interview. This happens because if your resume fails to connect with the job requirements, you will be classified together with other unqualified applicants.


Demonstrate genuine interest in the job opportunity

For you to succeed when applying for any job, you must demonstrate to your potential employer that you have genuine interest in the job opportunity. By tailoring your curriculum vitae with the specific job you are applying, you will show that you have really gone through the job requirements and understood what is required of you. Your potential employer wants to see evidence that you have real interest in the job advertised. This will also make the employer find out that you have the ability to perform your responsibilities with a lot of motivation.

Show that you understand that different jobs are unique

When you customize your resume with the specific job you are applying, you demonstrate that you have understanding that all jobs are not the same. You show that you understand that despite that the jobs might be in the sane industry, the requirements are not the same and that you are required to be flexible in order to meet your targets. It shows your level of flexibility which is one of the characteristic that employers look in candidates.



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