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Tailoring Your CV for Creative Jobs

If you’re applying for jobs, your CV is always of vital importance since it’s generally the first and only thing employers see when making their initial decision about whether to take your application further. However, when it comes to creative roles such as interior design jobs, advertising, digital marketing, product design, space planning and so on, the design and content of your CV might be even more important. Use resources and templates from well-known graphic design sites like Creative Market or Deviantart. Designer recruitment agencies like Careers in Design can also provide solid CV building advice for specific creative jobs.

Here are a few more key areas you should consider to make sure you stay on the right lines.


Try to keep your entire CV under two full pages in length. If you go over this then you’re probably including too much information and you need to be more concise. You can expand on some key areas in your cover letter, which should just be a few paragraphs.


You need to cover everything mentioned in the job description, and employ some reading between the lines to determine what is expected of you as an applicant. If you can make a good guess at what the job will entail, make sure you talk about your experience in these areas.


This is especially important for creative jobs. Your formatting needs to be visually appealing, and you might want to risk a more striking approach than you might use for a more corporate position. As well as being attractive and making you stand out, the main focus should be on careful organisation and making sure everything is clearly presented without too much unnecessary fuss.


As well as a CV explaining your skills and experience, for creative roles it’s almost essential to include a portfolio of your previous work. Potential employers will want to make sure you can back up any claims you make about your design skills, so it’s of paramount importance they can actually see something impressive that you’ve produced before.

Creative Alternatives

As an alternative to a basic document, you might want to really stand out by taking a completely different approach and presenting your CV in a more original way. You might be able to produce a video CV to display your achievements in a more animated fashion. Some people have used social media like Pinterest to build an interactive CV, and others have used Google Search results or other recognisable web design examples as inspiration for their CV templates.



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