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Tailoring your CV for a nursery job

CV (curriculum vitae) is used to promote yourself showing how you are the right candidate for the job. It summarizes information about yourself and your achievements. This information is required by employers when hiring you. Different jobs require specific requirements and more often than not candidates tailor their CVs to fit the job requirements. Here is a sample of what you need to do to tailor your CV (curriculum vitae) for the ideal nursery job:

CV for a nursery job

Personal information

Indicate that you an excellent team player with great communication skills. You are qualified to a certain level in childcare (write the level indicated in the job requirements). Experience in working with kids between the age of one and five years is valuable. As a successful candidate, you should ensure that the children are taken care of in a happy and stimulating environment.
You should also write about your enthusiastic attitude towards ensuring good practice in all the areas of the nursery. You work hard in liaison with other staff in making all activities successful and communicating with parents.

Career history

You need to have experience in providing high quality childcare services in nursery classes. Indicate that you were able to help children with their education, games and social development. Regular contact with other professionals such as medical staff and social workers and parents is also valuable experience.

Your duties can include:

  • Finding effective ways of stimulating children
  • Helping children to wash and feed
  • Maintenance of play equipment
  • Implementing the procedures and policies that have been set by the nursery
  • Ensuring all routines are adhered to
  • Locking and unlocking nursery premises
  • Meeting parents and encouraging them to be involved in the goals of the nursery

Key skills and competencies

Teaching is the most important skill required. You should make learning fun for the children. Many employers would prefer a candidate with good information technology skills and a good understanding of the latest teaching software. You can also manage stressful situations successfully.

Personal attributes

These may include:

  • You possess a patient and caring attitude
  • You can maintain a fun attitude when talking to the children
  • Possess a fast moving ‘can do’ attitude
  • You are confident and work well under minimum supervision
  • You are committed to promoting and safeguarding children’s welfare

how to create a CV for a nursery Job

Education background

Begin with the highest level of education, the school and years of study. Include the subjects that are most relevant to the nursery job application.

Employers usually receive hundreds of CVs but only briefly review each to determine which one to look at more closely. The appearance of your curriculum is the most important factor that influences the decision of the reviewers. It should be neat and set out in a style that suits the audience. You should also make it brief and direct to the point.

Do’s and don’ts

  • As you tailor your CV for the ideal nursery job, you must observe the following dos and don’ts:
  • Don’t focus on what you want, but what you can provide to meet the needs of the employer.
  • Do research on the nursery to work out the problems it is facing. You will be able to identify the issues that a successful candidate needs to handle.
  • Do a selection of your skills and include the most relevant to nursery job
  • Don’t LIE



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