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Resume Template Overview


A CV template or resume template provides the perfect starting place for you to begin building your CV or resume. The template is your guide to creating a well-formatted document that will impress employers. As a guide, however, it does not limit you to writing your CV or resume exactly like the template. You can add information or delete it as necessary.

Types of Templates

A CV template for a graduate student is going to look much different than that of a mid-career professional. For example, the number of articles or books published is likely to be more for the mid-career professional. The student’s CV will likely be much shorter and concise.

Use the length of the template appropriate for your situation as a guide as to how long your CV or resume should be. It is best to stay within the appropriate page range so that employers will not throw your CV or resume away before they even finish reading it. The content of your resume or CV should also generally adhere to the template. Where you have worked, gone to school, dates, your contact information, lists of your job duties, awards and accomplishments are important in any CV or resume.

Finding Your Template

Search through the available templates to find the right CV template or resume template for you. Look carefully at the template to determine what kinds of information you will need to complete your CV or resume. Gather this information, and then start thinking about the formatting of your CV or resume.

Creating Your CV or Resume

The text should be a common font, like Times New Roman or Arial. The font size should be no smaller than 11 or 12. Include plenty of white space between headings, sections, paragraphs and in the margins. Be consistent in your formatting, and avoid using too much bold or italicized type.

A CV template or resume template is the best place to start to build your own CV or resume. It helps you create a professional-looking document that employers will want to read. Avoid making your resume a boilerplate copy of the template, however. Let your own style and information shine through in your wording and formatting.

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