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Why It’s Not Worth Lying On Your CV

Studies have shown that as many as 35% of people actually stretch the truth on their CV and exaggerate certain qualifications or experiences in order to make themselves look like better candidates. However, just because a lot of other people have taken this approach, does that means it’s acceptable or advisable?

Some people may not be surprised to hear that it’s common for the contents of people’s CVs to be untruthful, at least in part. However, thinking about your own workplace, it may be a little more disturbing to consider the consequences of this trend. How many people in a similar position to yourself have got there because they weren’t truthful in their applications? This is all before we consider the fact that it’s actually not legal. In the past, people have been prosecuted for fabricating their qualifications in order to land desirable roles.

However, you might be thinking that as long as you’re not backing yourself into a corner by telling a completely outrageous lie about your own abilities, perhaps there’s nothing wrong? Many people see lying on their CV as simply levelling the playing field, because they assume other candidates will be trying similar tactics to get ahead of them. This could be seen as a way to stop jobs that should rightfully by theirs going to other people.

The problem is that employers are getting better at checking their facts. It usually only takes a smart phone call or two to figure out whether a candidate is exaggerating or completely lying about something from their past. Many employers have either found that prospective candidates had been trying to pull the wool over their eyes, or worse, already succeeded and landed a position under false pretences.

Overall it’s fair to say that it’s not going to be worth lying on your CV. Even if you’re successful, you’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder and the risk of losing your job after you’ve been given a position simply isn’t worthwhile. You’d be better off spending your time actually improving the presentation and content of your CV to make the best of the experience you actually have.



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