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Make Your Legal CV Stand Out

Law is an extremely competitive profession, with the best firms looking to hire exclusively the very best candidates for any role. They’re going to be judging you based solely on your CV if you make an application, so you are obviously going to be under pressure to get that document up to a very high level. But how do you make your CV stand out from the crowd, if you’re looking to become a professional lawyer, without actually being one already? Here are a few ideas of ways you can enhance your experience in real life and on paper.

Part time legal jobs

A simple solution, although perhaps not the easiest, is of course to try to secure a part time position working for a law firm or in a similarly relevant role. Everyone will expect you to start off with minor responsibilities and work your way up, but if you can excel when working for a respected employer in the sector it will reflect well on your overall CV.

Remote lawyer jobs

As an alternative to traditional part time work, you might be able to try something more modern if it suits your studies or other work. Remote law jobs or working from home for a virtual law firm can be ideal for consultant solicitors and freelance lawyers, as much of your work may be consultancy-based and you will be able to communicate remotely and potentially travelling for meetings every so often. Being able to handle the unique pressures of remote work will demonstrate flexibility and autonomy.

Personal development

Include some variation in your CV that shows you have done plenty of different activities and taken on varied roles, not just within the legal profession but in other areas and outside of work entirely. This will demonstrate your level of ambition and show that you are focused on being the best you can be, which is a highly valued trait for lawyers. Examples of projects where your personal qualities shone through will go down very well.

Tailor your legal CV!

A CV for legal roles really needs to be just that, as opposed to a generic one you might send in to several different types of employers. For legal professionals it is common to lead with a list of your academic qualifications, since they are so important to recruiters when assessing your abilities. You might not do this for every kind of job application, but for law it is often recommended.

Having a professional tone as well as understated design and formatting is also desirable in most cases, as you are letting your experience do the talking. You will need to work hard to make yourself sound like the ideal candidate for the job, but if you’ve gained the right experience and developed your CV wisely, you should be in with a good chance.



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