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How To Tailor Your CV for the Ideal I.T Job

There are several keys to writing an ideal CV for an I.T job. A curriculum vitae that will open more doors for you, leading to numerous job interviews, and preferably more job offers. This article will centre on how job-seekers can tailor their every CVs that they send to their potential employers.

The first step in tailoring your CV is beginning with a strong and well-written curriculum vitae. Before you immerse yourself in the details of tailoring your CV, jot down a few details of your overall CV. Your curriculum vitae must be a collection of achievements and accomplishments from your previous work experiences, college/grad school, volunteering and the like.

CV for an IT based Job

How to tailor your CV for the ideal I.T. Job: Step-by-step

Step 1

Search Google and other several job sites for I.T job listings. Once you have gathered at least six of these job listings, analyse the common qualifications that each employer seeks. Now modify your current CV with this new information, particularly keeping note of phrases and keywords and industry buzzwords/jargon. Additionally, make note if you do not possess one or more of those basic qualifications; if so, your next move may be gaining the additional skills, education, experience or training required. Alternatively, you can ignore that qualification on your CV. You should never lie about a qualification that you do not possess.


Step 2

When you are ready to apply to the I.T job postings, evaluate the job qualifications and descriptions and make corrections to your CV. This includes modifying/rearranging your qualifications summary so that your main accomplishments match those needed for the job. When describing your accomplishments, use the wording that your potential employer uses to describe the perfect candidate. Your final result should be a CV that mirrors the requirements that the employer wants. Another good tip is using the job title (and ID/number) in the headline of your CV.

cv for it based jobs

Step 3

Spend some quality time on each of the prospective employer’s site. You should also analyse any literature that relates to the organization that you can lay your hands on. You will want to search for the common words that the employer uses to describe its employees, organizational philosophy, and its culture. Some employers have incredibly rich career/job sections on their business websites that go into great detail about organizational culture, values, etc. Some of these corporate websites include testimonials and quotes from current employees. Use some of the words that each employer uses to describe itself and its workers and use those words on your tailored CV.


Step 4

Go to your network, and look for leads on individuals who work in the I.T field, and ideally, individuals who work in your target organizations. If it is possible, plan informal discussions and informational interviews with these individuals so that you can get even more insider information. The additional insights and keywords that you get from these individuals can be used to modify and sharpen your curriculum vitae.

Final Thoughts

You should never send a generic CV to an employer. Untailored resumes are a waste of time and you will continue to be frustrated by your lack of results several years down the line. Tailoring your CV is as simple as outlined in this article. Therefore, there is no excuse for sending standard CVs to your prospective employers.



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