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Essential Tips on How to Create the Perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae)

On average, employers receive 20 applications for every advertisement for a skilled job and 60 for every low skilled job. Almost fifty percent of these candidates are suitable for the role. Therefore, it is important for job seekers to learn how to create the perfect CV (curriculum vitae) so that they can stand out from to other job applicants. The following are important tips on how to create an excellent CV.

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Make sure your CV contains relevant information

Do not make the assumption that an employer knows what qualifications the right candidate should have. It is essential to carry out research and show that you have the skills, approach and experience required. This information should be within the first half page of your curriculum vitae so that the recruiters will quickly see your suitability.

Evidence should be sufficient

Unsubstantiated claims never work. You should prove that you have what the employer needs. For example, instead of saying that you have excellent communication skills, give an illustration of where you demonstrated your communication skills.

Make your CV unique

Do not write a broad curriculum vitae. If it is not clear who you are and what you do, the recruiter will not know if you are the right candidate for the position. It is also important to change your curriculum vitae for every role you apply for.

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Avoid mistakes

Many employers reject some CVs just because they have mistakes in them. It is important to ensure that your curriculum vitae is presented impeccably. This will demonstrate that you are attentive to detail and professional. It is advisable to ask another person to check it over before you submit it to an employer.

Include positive information only

Your curriculum vitae should not contain negative information. Do not criticise a former employer or write about disappointments or hardships unless you can turn them around.

Avoid poor language

Avoid using clumsy expressions, jargon or clichés because they may affect your chances of being considered for the position. Instead of using the “I” pronoun, like “I did this”, use a positive action word, which will lead to bullet points. Examples include, “created that” or “Initiated this”. Positive action actions appear more dynamic and will give your CV an energetic feel. This will help reinforce the message that you have a positive attitude.

Make your CV SEO friendly

If you want to upload your curriculum vitae to a job website so that recruiters will find you, you should use the right keywords. Online recruiters usually search for CVs that contain certain qualifications and skills. Therefore, your CV should have the relevant keywords that the recruiters will likely use. Job titles will help search engines pick up your curriculum vitae from the pile. If you are applying for a marketing job, you may mention digital marketing or direct marketing as part of your skills and experience. If you are unsure about the right keyword to use, you can use a keyword research tool to see the words that internet users type when searching for people with your job title.


The perfect curriculum vitae is one that includes important information that showcases your achievements. It should also be neat and presentable.



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