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Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Your Resume Template


A resume template or cv template allows you to choose the information that you want to present to your prospective employer and plug it into a template that showcases your particular experience and abilities in the best fashion. Resume templates are fairly simple and place the emphasis on the format you have chosen. You fill in the blanks, save and print. A cv template will also follow the format you have chosen, but it tends to be more detailed. Avoid some of these common mistakes:

  • Choosing a template that is too ‘busy’. You want the most important information to immediately stand out and not be subverted by design, detail, or minutia.
  • Choose a template that’s short and simple. Having too many pages with too much information may bore your employees. They are most likely to check the first page of your CV and decide based on that information only.
  • Using a template that is not appropriate for your profession or industry. If you are applying for a position at a brokerage firm you do not want to use a cv that is more appropriate for an academic position.
  • Not trying more than one template. You may think you have found the perfect template, but it pays to try out a few. Have someone you trust to take a look at it. What stands out to them? Would they hire you based on your cv?
  • Forgetting to proof and edit your final draft.
  • Find a template with a readable font. They are more likely to read more of your CV if the fonts are easy on the eyes. It’s ideal to stick with default fonts such as Arial, Tahoma or Calibri.

Finally, do not make it difficult to verify your past employment and education. Call the sources beforehand and obtain correct numbers for the person who does the verification for the business or educational institution. Do not rely on old numbers or your memory.


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