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Top Tips For Developing Your Acting CV

Keeping your CV concise, honest and highly relevant while being creative and persuasive with your presentation is an extremely complex task. When you factor in the added pressure of being in one of the most competitive industries of all, acting, you might be facing a really tough challenge.

To make this task easier, we’ve spoken to some experienced experts in the field. The International School of Screen Acting, one of the leading TV and film acting schools in London, has helped us compile this list of hints and tips for building up your CV more quickly and making it more effective at what it’s designed to do – sell your talent.

  • Understand what needs to be included above all else. You need to start with the basics every time to make sure your CV can pass any initial checks as quickly as possible. This will include your name, address and vital contact details.
  • Follow a clear and defined structure for your CV which enables you to get all the important details onto one page if possible.
  • Provide concise and realistic statistics that will be useful to establish what parts you’re able to play, including age range (how old you look, rather than how old you really are), eye colour, hair colour and height.
  • Include your main headshot (this is essential if you expect to be cast) as well as a small copy printed onto your CV just in case the two become separated.
  • List any accents you can do, and make it clear which one of these is your natural voice.
  • Specify your range if you can sing, and mention any training and experience you have, which also goes for dancing.
  • Don’t include many irrelevant qualifications, which usually includes anything before degree level except in rare circumstances.
  • Focus instead on professional training and experience you have had as an actor, especially anything that is particularly unusual. Include all your past credits, but don’t be too discouraged if you don’t have a long list.
  • Only one particular skill or quality needs to shine through for you to be selected for an audition in many cases. Don’t worry too much about the complete picture not being perfect yet, as long as you cover the important basics and start to add some highly respectable points to your CV.

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