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Tailoring Your CV for Creative Jobs

If you’re applying for jobs, your CV is always of vital importance since it’s generally the first and only thing employers see when making their initial decision about whether to take your application further. However, when it comes to creative roles such as interior design jobs, advertising, digital marketing, product design, space planning and so on, the design and content of your CV might be even more important. Use resources and templates from well-known graphic design sites like Creative Market or Deviantart. Designer recruitment agencies like Careers in Design can also provide solid CV building advice for specific creative jobs.

Here are a few more key areas you should consider to make sure you stay on the right lines.


Try to keep your entire CV under two full pages in length. If you go over this then you’re probably including too much information and you need to be more concise. You can expand on some key areas in your cover letter, which should just be a few paragraphs.


You need to cover everything mentioned in the job description, and employ some reading between the lines to determine what is expected of you as an applicant. If you can make a good guess at what the job will entail, make sure you talk about your experience in these areas. Continue Reading

The Importance of Tailoring your CV to Each Job you Apply For

When you are applying for a job, the most important thing that must present you well is your Curriculum Vitae. It is your CV that will highly determine if you get the specific job you are applying or not. With professional and customized curriculum vitae, chances are high that you will secure the job. One of the greatest mistakes that many people make is to fail to tailor their curriculum Vitae with the specific job they are applying. This makes them fail because the potential employer finds that they might not be focused on the job, the way they should in order to perform excellently. This article provides you with the importance of tailoring your CV to each job you apply for.

tailoring your CV for each job

Enable you have a competitive edge over others

It is good to note that each job posted attracts a lot of applicants leading to stiff competition. When you customize your curriculum vitae according to the specific job you are applying, it will be easier to be differentiated from others. The potential employer will find that you understand the responsibilities you are supposed to play in your new job, thus give you an upper hand over others.

Show clearly that you are qualified for the job

It is only by tailoring your CV according to the job you are applying that you can demonstrate how qualified you are for the job. You will be able to show the academic qualifications, work experience and other aspects that make you a potential candidate for that specific job. It is worth noting that potential employers are not usually interested in the qualifications or experience you have in other jobs that are outside their own industry. So if you fail to customize your CV, you might end up being ignored and fail to be invited for the interview. This happens because if your resume fails to connect with the job requirements, you will be classified together with other unqualified applicants.


Demonstrate genuine interest in the job opportunity

For you to succeed when applying for any job, you must demonstrate to your potential employer that you have genuine interest in the job opportunity. By tailoring your curriculum vitae with the specific job you are applying, you will show that you have really gone through the job requirements and understood what is required of you. Your potential employer wants to see evidence that you have real interest in the job advertised. This will also make the employer find out that you have the ability to perform your responsibilities with a lot of motivation.

Show that you understand that different jobs are unique

When you customize your resume with the specific job you are applying, you demonstrate that you have understanding that all jobs are not the same. You show that you understand that despite that the jobs might be in the sane industry, the requirements are not the same and that you are required to be flexible in order to meet your targets. It shows your level of flexibility which is one of the characteristic that employers look in candidates.

Essential Tips on How to Create the Perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae)

On average, employers receive 20 applications for every advertisement for a skilled job and 60 for every low skilled job. Almost fifty percent of these candidates are suitable for the role. Therefore, it is important for job seekers to learn how to create the perfect CV (curriculum vitae) so that they can stand out from to other job applicants. The following are important tips on how to create an excellent CV.

career sign board

Make sure your CV contains relevant information

Do not make the assumption that an employer knows what qualifications the right candidate should have. It is essential to carry out research and show that you have the skills, approach and experience required. This information should be within the first half page of your curriculum vitae so that the recruiters will quickly see your suitability.

Evidence should be sufficient

Unsubstantiated claims never work. You should prove that you have what the employer needs. For example, instead of saying that you have excellent communication skills, give an illustration of where you demonstrated your communication skills.

Make your CV unique

Do not write a broad curriculum vitae. If it is not clear who you are and what you do, the recruiter will not know if you are the right candidate for the position. It is also important to change your curriculum vitae for every role you apply for.

creating your CV

Avoid mistakes

Many employers reject some CVs just because they have mistakes in them. It is important to ensure that your curriculum vitae is presented impeccably. This will demonstrate that you are attentive to detail and professional. It is advisable to ask another person to check it over before you submit it to an employer.

Include positive information only

Your curriculum vitae should not contain negative information. Do not criticise a former employer or write about disappointments or hardships unless you can turn them around.

Avoid poor language

Avoid using clumsy expressions, jargon or clichés because they may affect your chances of being considered for the position. Instead of using the “I” pronoun, like “I did this”, use a positive action word, which will lead to bullet points. Examples include, “created that” or “Initiated this”. Positive action actions appear more dynamic and will give your CV an energetic feel. This will help reinforce the message that you have a positive attitude.

Make your CV SEO friendly

If you want to upload your curriculum vitae to a job website so that recruiters will find you, you should use the right keywords. Online recruiters usually search for CVs that contain certain qualifications and skills. Therefore, your CV should have the relevant keywords that the recruiters will likely use. Job titles will help search engines pick up your curriculum vitae from the pile. If you are applying for a marketing job, you may mention digital marketing or direct marketing as part of your skills and experience. If you are unsure about the right keyword to use, you can use a keyword research tool to see the words that internet users type when searching for people with your job title.


The perfect curriculum vitae is one that includes important information that showcases your achievements. It should also be neat and presentable.

How To Tailor Your CV for the Ideal I.T Job

There are several keys to writing an ideal CV for an I.T job. A curriculum vitae that will open more doors for you, leading to numerous job interviews, and preferably more job offers. This article will centre on how job-seekers can tailor their every CVs that they send to their potential employers.

The first step in tailoring your CV is beginning with a strong and well-written curriculum vitae. Before you immerse yourself in the details of tailoring your CV, jot down a few details of your overall CV. Your curriculum vitae must be a collection of achievements and accomplishments from your previous work experiences, college/grad school, volunteering and the like.

CV for an IT based Job

How to tailor your CV for the ideal I.T. Job: Step-by-step

Step 1

Search Google and other several job sites for I.T job listings. Once you have gathered at least six of these job listings, analyse the common qualifications that each employer seeks. Now modify your current CV with this new information, particularly keeping note of phrases and keywords and industry buzzwords/jargon. Additionally, make note if you do not possess one or more of those basic qualifications; if so, your next move may be gaining the additional skills, education, experience or training required. Alternatively, you can ignore that qualification on your CV. You should never lie about a qualification that you do not possess.


Step 2

When you are ready to apply to the I.T job postings, evaluate the job qualifications and descriptions and make corrections to your CV. This includes modifying/rearranging your qualifications summary so that your main accomplishments match those needed for the job. When describing your accomplishments, use the wording that your potential employer uses to describe the perfect candidate. Your final result should be a CV that mirrors the requirements that the employer wants. Another good tip is using the job title (and ID/number) in the headline of your CV.

cv for it based jobs

Step 3

Spend some quality time on each of the prospective employer’s site. You should also analyse any literature that relates to the organization that you can lay your hands on. You will want to search for the common words that the employer uses to describe its employees, organizational philosophy, and its culture. Some employers have incredibly rich career/job sections on their business websites that go into great detail about organizational culture, values, etc. Some of these corporate websites include testimonials and quotes from current employees. Use some of the words that each employer uses to describe itself and its workers and use those words on your tailored CV.


Step 4

Go to your network, and look for leads on individuals who work in the I.T field, and ideally, individuals who work in your target organizations. If it is possible, plan informal discussions and informational interviews with these individuals so that you can get even more insider information. The additional insights and keywords that you get from these individuals can be used to modify and sharpen your curriculum vitae.

Final Thoughts

You should never send a generic CV to an employer. Untailored resumes are a waste of time and you will continue to be frustrated by your lack of results several years down the line. Tailoring your CV is as simple as outlined in this article. Therefore, there is no excuse for sending standard CVs to your prospective employers.

Tailoring your CV for a nursery job

CV (curriculum vitae) is used to promote yourself showing how you are the right candidate for the job. It summarizes information about yourself and your achievements. This information is required by employers when hiring you. Different jobs require specific requirements and more often than not candidates tailor their CVs to fit the job requirements. Here is a sample of what you need to do to tailor your CV (curriculum vitae) for the ideal nursery job:

CV for a nursery job

Personal information

Indicate that you an excellent team player with great communication skills. You are qualified to a certain level in childcare (write the level indicated in the job requirements). Experience in working with kids between the age of one and five years is valuable. As a successful candidate, you should ensure that the children are taken care of in a happy and stimulating environment.
You should also write about your enthusiastic attitude towards ensuring good practice in all the areas of the nursery. You work hard in liaison with other staff in making all activities successful and communicating with parents.

Career history

You need to have experience in providing high quality childcare services in nursery classes. Indicate that you were able to help children with their education, games and social development. Regular contact with other professionals such as medical staff and social workers and parents is also valuable experience.

Your duties can include:

  • Finding effective ways of stimulating children
  • Helping children to wash and feed
  • Maintenance of play equipment
  • Implementing the procedures and policies that have been set by the nursery
  • Ensuring all routines are adhered to
  • Locking and unlocking nursery premises
  • Meeting parents and encouraging them to be involved in the goals of the nursery

Key skills and competencies

Teaching is the most important skill required. You should make learning fun for the children. Many employers would prefer a candidate with good information technology skills and a good understanding of the latest teaching software. You can also manage stressful situations successfully.

Personal attributes

These may include:

  • You possess a patient and caring attitude
  • You can maintain a fun attitude when talking to the children
  • Possess a fast moving ‘can do’ attitude
  • You are confident and work well under minimum supervision
  • You are committed to promoting and safeguarding children’s welfare

how to create a CV for a nursery Job

Education background

Begin with the highest level of education, the school and years of study. Include the subjects that are most relevant to the nursery job application.

Employers usually receive hundreds of CVs but only briefly review each to determine which one to look at more closely. The appearance of your curriculum is the most important factor that influences the decision of the reviewers. It should be neat and set out in a style that suits the audience. You should also make it brief and direct to the point.

Do’s and don’ts

  • As you tailor your CV for the ideal nursery job, you must observe the following dos and don’ts:
  • Don’t focus on what you want, but what you can provide to meet the needs of the employer.
  • Do research on the nursery to work out the problems it is facing. You will be able to identify the issues that a successful candidate needs to handle.
  • Do a selection of your skills and include the most relevant to nursery job
  • Don’t LIE

Pre-Registering CVs for Summer Jobs

In the current ever increasing competitive job market, it is now more important than ever before for individuals, both students and graduates, to prepare well before applying for any job or attending an interview. Summer jobs are one of the best opportunities you can find to gain some experience before actually getting into the profession of your choice. But why summer jobs? While summer jobs can add some experience under your sleeve, they are equally important for pre-registration purposes as well. In some cases, you can get a summer job for the same employer you look forward to working with in the future, and this will help you greatly in knowing and understanding more about the organization, employees, and employer.


So, if you are one of those individuals thinking about how to pre-register your curriculum vitae summer jobs, you are at the right place for advice.


As a student, preparing your curriculum vitae to look for a summer job has several aspects to take into consideration.


Know Your Goal

To make your summer job search as effective as possible, you must first be aware of what exactly you are looking for. Following are some questions you should ask yourself:

· Is there any specific type of work you are interested in?

· What are you expecting from a summer job?

· What is the industry or organization you are looking forward to work in?

When it comes to how to pre-register your curriculum vitae summer jobs, your answers to the questions given above will be a great guide for your search.


Learn Your Strengths, Personal Attributes, and Skills

The next important aspect of how to pre-register your curriculum vitae summer jobs is to learn about your personal attributes, skills, and strengths. You should figure out the ways in which you can benefit the employer and also what you expect to gain from the experience this summer job gives you. When thinking about the type of skills and strengths you can offer an employer, never sell yourself short. The level of enthusiasm and confidence you possess will play a vital role in presenting yourself in front of employers, and it is what most employers are looking for in every employee.


Get the Tools Ready

The most critical tools for any job interview are a person’s curriculum vitae, cover letter, and skills. If you can make these three right, you can be confident about landing the summer job of your liking.


Find and Network with Prospective Employers

Finding and networking with prospective employers for your summer job is equally important. There are organizations or employers who don’t post their job vacancies online or approach through colleges. Therefore in order to land such employments, you should put in efforts in finding and contacting them. Use directories or other available sources and make a list of prospective employers, and contact them one after the other to look for what opportunities they have.


In your search for how to pre-register your curriculum vitae summer jobs, remember to follow all these tips to get a summer job that you absolutely love.

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