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Advanced CV Development Tips

We’re now assuming that you have the basics of forming a successful CV mastered. It might not be perfect yet, but if you’ve ironed out all the most common mistakes (and perhaps this is an area we should cover again soon…), you may be ready to move onto the next stage. Let’s focus on a few ways you can really take your resume to the next level and persuade employers that you’re the best candidate for any role you turn your hand to.

1) Categorise carefully and consistently

Split your work experience into sections to make it easy to understand at a glance, especially if you have worked in multiple relevant areas. Don’t highlight certain roles as more “relevant” than others, because ideally all your experience will be influential in some way. Make your key points concisely and make sure the way you divide your categories is logical and consistent.

2) Explain your motivation and skills

When describing your past job roles, don’t feel the need to launch into an essay. Instead, pick out the key points and summarise them concisely. You need to explain quickly what qualities you demonstrated in a particular role, and even just using bullet points can be effective.

3) Quantify your impact

When discussing any past role, you should be able to give clear examples and explanations of how you impacted the success of your team or workplace. Spell out clearly what you personally contributed to a situation and how it directly led to a good outcome. This will show off what you’re bringing to the table, and hopefully it will be just what your recruiter wants.

4) Make every application unique

No matter how good your CV is looking after polishing and tweaking it endlessly, it’s not going to work for the next job on your list. Unfortunately, every single application will require a fair amount of tweaking and tailoring to match the given requirements. This may be time consuming, but if you don’t treat each one like it’s your only application, it will show.

5) Attention to detail speaks for itself

You don’t need to constantly state that attention to detail is one of your main skills. Many people will claim this, but only a few of them actually possess it. Mistakes will give the game away, so spend some time proof-reading and eliminate every tiny error if you want to avoid embarrassment.



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