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September Meeting: Functional Programming: great paradigm or the greatest paradigm?


  • Date: Tuesday, September 9th
  • Time: 18:00-20:00
  • Place: 804RVA 1657 W. Broad St. #3, Richmond, VA ()
  • RSVP: Meetup.com

Functional Programming: great paradigm or the greatest paradigm?

Wrong question; let's not start that war! Instead, we'll focus on what FP means, how it's different from imperative programming, its history, and the benefits of adopting FP style in your favorite imperative language.

I'll begin this talk by reviewing OOP and the imperative paradigm. Next, the unique attributes of FP will be introduced and juxtaposed against the OOP/imperative backdrop. Aftewards, we'll embark on a whirlwind tour of multiple FP languages and how they implement the FP style. Right before everyone's eyes begin to glaze over I will come back to imperative languages like Ruby and JavaScript to solidify your understanding of FP in something familiar. Finally, if enough masochists are in the audience, we may talk about scary topics such as: Haskell, static typing, category theory, and -- gasp -- math.

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